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It’s all about focusing on what you can control!

As a foreman, there are always parts of a project you can control. There more control you have over your labor, materials, schedule, and equipment the more successful you will be. The idea here is not to get caught up on the tasks that you have no control over. You should always be looking to […]


3 Steps to Be the “Superboss” That You Are!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Sydney Finkelstein’s book, Superbosses, I highly suggest you give it a read. Sydney does an excellent job at providing the characteristics and actions played out by those bosses that can be classified as “SuperBosses.” One of the major characteristics is the ability to create more leaders […]


Is a Bad Attitude Ruining Your Project ?

You have probably heard all of the following before: “Lead by Example,” “It starts at the top,” “Attitude is everything,” “Change your mind, change your life,” and “Showing up is half the battle.” It’s obvious that all of these quotes directly relate to those running projects and companies. Too often we find ourselves fighting in the trenches […]

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