3 Steps to Be the “Superboss” That You Are!

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If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Sydney Finkelstein’s book, Superbosses, I highly suggest you give it a read. Sydney does an excellent job at providing the characteristics and actions played out by those bosses that can be classified as “SuperBosses.” One of the major characteristics is the ability to create more leaders and create an innovative culture. Enabling others is not an easy task and can be accomplished through several leadership styles. Here a few ways you can enable those around to produce more:

Hire Right

First things first, Do you even have the right people in place? Set yourself up for some success and start hiring the right talent. A “Superboss” approaches hiring much more unorthodox and looks for traits in people who show raw talent. It’s best to reflect on your current hiring practices, the people you are attracting, and the people you are hiring compared to the people you need/desire. It might be time to make a change and try a new practice.

Always Strive for Improvement!

A “Superboss” doesn’t get complacent or comfortable. There are always ways to improve. Push your team to adopt the improvement mindset and you’ll soon see production increases across the board. This mindset starts at the top and should be enforced on a daily basis from all managers. A great way to implement this into your construction projects is to have a feedback review session every month. During this session you should be analyzing your progress, your practices, and your areas of improvement. Push yourself and others to be the very best you possibly can be.

Open the Innovation Flood Gates!

How proactive are you and is your organization? Innovation and creativity are two words that are open loosely thrown around without much presence in most organizations. No matter your role, you always the ability to open the innovation flood gates by promoting and encouraging innovative ideas. As a leader you want to encourage people to pursue creative ideas, help them along the path, and implement them when they fit with the vision of the organization.  The only way to completely open up the flood gates to make a conscious effort where innovation is an everyday culture. You should be looking for ways to implement into your management and the tasks of your team.

I encourage you to give Superbosses a read and find a few ways you can improve your leadership. Knowledge is powerless without action so it is always important to create a plan that allows you implement the lessons learned into your life and organization.

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