Is a Bad Attitude Ruining Your Project ?

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You have probably heard all of the following before: “Lead by Example,” “It starts at the top,” “Attitude is everything,” “Change your mind, change your life,” and “Showing up is half the battle.” It’s obvious that all of these quotes directly relate to those running projects and companies. Too often we find ourselves fighting in the trenches […]


5 Ways to Kick Start Your Morning!

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Do you find some days just start off wrong? Are you that person who only has a wrong side of the bed? Most people’s mornings include waking up, showering quickly, and running out the door with a coffee in your hand. These people never allow for their body and mind time to get prepared for the day ahead. […]


“Hello? Are you Communicating Effectively?” 3 Ways to Improve today!

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Effective communication is key in any role. As a leader you are constantly in communication with not only your team, but also several other individuals, organizations, and businesses. In today’s world we constantly blasted over impersonal forms of communication like email, texting, and social media. Developing effective communication skills has only become more important and […]

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4 Ways to Improve Your Leads In Construction

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Growing your business starts with growing your relationships. A lot of effort goes into growing, managing, and continuing the development of the relationships with your customers. In today’s world, managing your leads can be extremely efficient and beneficial. In construction, so many of our leads come from our ability to connect with others. Relationships are […]